Thursday, February 18, 2010


This image made me think of a lovely song from the film Joe Versus the Volcano:

Marooned Without You. Written by John Patrick Shanley. Music by Georges Delerue.

Why is my heart marooned without you
The sun goes down
My dreams begin their refrain
I call to whatever holds you
My beloved
I wait and I wait

Why is my heart marooned without you
A tiny light upon the sea
My heart is so afraid
You have broken away
Tell me, darling, I pray
You will come to me soon


She looks adrift on her leaf with her bag...


  1. Hi Zelda,
    what a kit of textures you have! I like! There seems to be vitreaux!

  2. Hi Ms Zap :) The flowers and the leaf really make this piece. You have a good sense of design

  3. Thank you Daniel! I do love my textures ;)

    Thank you Andrew! I started this image and was all over the place until I got that flower involved.

  4. Love the poem! Love the illustration! Super sweet!

  5. Thank you Loni! That's a song from Joe Versus the Volcano, a misunderstood little gem of a film. I thought I fit with the image.

  6. I keep clicking on this to try and figure out what the water texture really is. Is it found or did you paint and scan it? Well whatever it is, it does look like water reflecting sunlight. You made it work!

  7. Hey Ann Marie... that's a scan of a picture of swimming pool water as an overlay to the same granite texture of the rock in the corner of course with a little help from photoshop. I wish I had painted it?

  8. Oh! Lovely, Zelda...this is so peaceful. She definitely is adrift on that beautiful magical water. The contrast between the water and your graphic linework and textures is really cool. I am always happy when you visit - you are so kind to me. I hope to be back really I know I will miss all of the IF fun. I'll be back to check in now and again, though. : ) Keep up the wonderful work!!

  9. Hi Zelda -
    I've given you an award this morning...hope you've been well! Can't wait to see your list!